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January 2nd – 6th 2023 | Online | Free Tickets For All

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About the project….

The Global Existential Summits were developed by Dr Natalie Fraser following her training in existential philosophy and psychotherapy. As she fell in love with these powerful, liberating ideas, she realised that no one gave the same answer to the question ‘what is existential philosophy?’. She initially started ‘Existential Offerings‘ to provide people with a creative range of free accessible resources looking at the Big Questions in life – films, books, poems, videos, etc.

Natalie then began to interview inspiring people from around the globe asking what ‘existential’ meant to them, and how these ideas can bring healing and meaning to people. These are shared in yearly online summits that welcome people from all walks of life to hear about life-changing ideas in a more creative and accessible way than mainstream academia.

The first Global Existential Summit ‘Mission #1’ was launched in January 2022 then re-launched in June 2022 due to popular demand. Offering FREE ACCESS TO EVERYONE it reached thousands of people from around the world. We are now excited to announce the launch of second Global Existential Summit ‘Mission #2’… get your early FREE ticket here!

Through the summit talks you will explore questions such as:
– What on earth does ‘existential’ even mean?
– What is the meaning of my life?
– Why do I struggle, even when things ‘should’ be okay?
– How can philosophy be helpful for human wellbeing?
– What activites, music, art, books, and films can help me explore philosophy?
– How can I work existentially with clients and colleagues?
– How can attending this summit inspire me SO MUCH – is there magic involved?!

Summit #2 January 2023 Speaker Line-Up

It is with immense excitement that I introduce to you the
World Leading Legends that made this summit possible…

Professor Louis Hoffman

Dr Piers Worth

Professor Jonathan Webber

Professor Digby Tantam

Professor Emmy van Deurzen

Professor Zoltán Kőváry

Professor Claude-Hélène Mayer

Professor Marie-Eve Morin

Mukesh Gupta

Professor Emily Lee

Professor Michael Monahan

Dr Hillary Webb

….and more!

The Global Existential Summit
Mission #2 | January 2023 Programme*

* subject to additional speakers and reshuffling

Day 1 – January 2nd 2023

Mukesh Gupta

A Philosophy of Unlearning & Self-Inquiry

Dr Hillary S Webb

A Philosophy of Joy, Comedy & The Dance of Life

Zoltán Kőváry

A Philosophy of Dreams & Revolution

Day 2 – January 3rd 2023

Professor Louis Hoffman

A Philosophy of Passion & Poetic Rebellion

Professor Emily Lee

A Philosophy of The Phenomenon of Race

Eric S Nelson

A Philosophy of Multicultural Philosophical Intersectionality

Day 3 – January 4th 2023

Dr Piers Worth

A Philosophy of Permission & Positive Psychology

Professor Marie-Eve Morin

A Philosophy of New Phenomenological Possibilties

Professor Claude-Hélène Mayer

A Philosophy of Intercultural Mediation & Finding Belonging

Day 4 – January 5th 2023

Professer Jonathon Webber

A Philosophy of Imagination & ReThinking Existentialism

Christine Daigle

A Philosophy of Caring & Inter-Material Entanglement

Professer Robert Kramer

A Philosophy of Rankian Revolution

Day 5 – January 6th 2023

Professor Emmy van Deurzen

A Philosophy of Existential Evolution

Professor Digby Tantam

A Philosophy of Psychiatric Puzzles & Projects

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Trailer From Summit Mission #1 (2022)

The Global Existential Summit | Mission #1 | January 2022 Programme

Day 1

Professor Lewis Gordon |

A Philosophy of Love & Cruelty

Dr Meg-John Barker |

A Philosophy of Relationships & Self-Discovery

Dr Annie Jones |

A Philosophy of Shamanism & Motherly Love

Professor Kevin St Arnaud |

A Philosophy of Psychedelics & Self-Transcendence

Yannick Jacob |

A Philosophy of Fearful Freedom & Hip Hop

Day 2

Dr Yaqui Andres Martinez

A Philosophy of Tribes & Passion

Dr Holli-Anne Passmore

A Philosophy of Stardust & Nature

Dr Anders Draeby

A Philosophy of Suffocation & Shamanism

Dr Christopher Wurm

A Philosophy of Humility & Addiction

Dr Siebrecht Vanhooren

A Philosophy of Existential History & Experiential Amazement

Day 3

Professor Kevin Aho

A Philosophy of Absudity & Confronting Personal Truths

Professor Alfried Laengle

A Philosophy of Love & Self-Connection

Professor Carol Ryff

A Philosophy of Comedy & Kindness

Dr Joel Vos

A Philosophy of Punk & Meaning

Dr Martin Adams

A Philosophy of Art & Curiosity

Day 4

Professor James Haile III

A Philosophy of Extra-Terrestrials & Courage

Professor Ernesto Spinelli

A Philosophy of Unity & Arrogance

Dr Greg Madison

A Philosophy of Homelessness & Focusing

Dr Iva Paska

A Philosophy of Existential Sociology & Personal Growth

Professor Geir Sigurdsson

A Philosophy of Comedy & Taoism

Day 5

A. Shahid Stover

A Philosophy of Slave Revolt & Existential Liberation

Professor Christian Schulz-Quach

A Philosophy of Mortality & Acceptance

Professor Mick Cooper

A Philosophy of Pluralism & Avant Garde Cinema

Sasha van-Deurzen Smith

A Philosophy of Human Animals & Spectrums

Dr Patricia Bonnici

A Philosophy of Relationships & Self-Respect

With Love And Inspiration
Natalie Fraser