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The Global Existential Summit

25 World Leading Existential Thinkers.
Wisdom, Inspiration, and Hope for Human Existence.

An extra special thank you to Niall McKeever, founder of The Weekend University.

He has encouraged me from the beginning to start
The Global Existential Summit, and for that I am full of gratitude!

Yacqui Andres Martinez brought existentialism to Mexico and South America!

Alfried Laengle and his colleagues keep existentialism and logotherapy thriving in the UK and Europe.

A. Shahid Stover and colleagues offer their writings and inp

Louis Gordon and his colleagues are dedicated to the study and generation of ideas with an emphasis on South-South dialogue. Their motto is Shifting the Geography of Reason.

MJ Barker’s anti self-help books aim to help people to navigate their relationship with wider sociocultural understandings, rather than viewing themselves as a problem that needs fixing.

Positive Psychology meets Existentialism in the competant and hilarious hands of Yannick Jacob

Greg Madison and his colleagues provide training in the embodied practice of Focusing.

Joel Vos and his Scientific Committee host events to make life more meaningful!

Iva Paska brings the Big Questions to Croatia and beyond!