Adam Buben

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Dr Adam Buben is a University Lecturer (Universitair Docent) in Philosophy at Leiden University. His research primarily focuses on the topic of death and how it is understood and represented in the history of philosophy. A key example of this is his first monograph, Meaning and Mortality in Kierkegaard and Heidegger: Origins of the Existential Philosophy of Death (2016). Adam’s more recent work has considered how technological developments have impacted the philosophy of death. A key example of this is his second monograph, Existentialism and the Desirability of Immortality (2022). Adam is particularly interested in philosophical questions related to mind-uploading and other forms of digital immortality, life-extension, cryonics, transhumanism, and assisted dying. Adam has explored these fascinating issues and questions across continental, analytic, and Asian traditions. Originally from the USA, before coming to the Netherlands where he currently resides and teaches, Adam spent time studying and teaching in Denmark, Guam, Japan, and the US. He currently offers historically grounded courses in both Asian and European traditions.


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