Danny van-Deurzen Smith

(Previously known as Sasha van-Deurzen Smith)

Summit Video

A Brief Bio

Danny has an MA in Existential Coaching from the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. Danny goes by all prouns (they/she/he) and has a background in performance having worked professionally as a presenter and actor. Danny is fascinated with creative dilemmas and has coached many creative artists including fashion designers, writers and singers, helping them to find inspiration, confidence and a strong sense of what they wish to share with the world and how. Danny has a passion for providing a safe space for neurodiverse and LGBTQ+ individuals, and has a special interest in working with these groups. Danny works as a coach and tutor with many people, focusing on building better relationships with themselves and improving confidence.



Websites & Media


LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/danny-van-deurzen-smith

Twitter @sashasmithcoach

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