Dr Holli-Anne Passmore

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A Brief Bio

Holli-Anne Passmore’s research focuses on well-being, with two main focuses: nature and meaning in life. With regard to nature, a primary focus of her work is the development and validation of practical interventions to enhance well-being and an emotional and psychological sense of connection with nature through noticing and engaging with everyday nature close to home. Holli-Anne is also interested in the emerging issue of eco-anxiety. With regard to meaning in life, she examines forecasting meaning and pathways that lead to greater meaning in life, particularly among university students. Holli-Anne also collaborates with colleagues from around the globe. Holli-Anne has written extensively, with 50+ published articles on nature and meaning in life. She is an Editor of the International Journal of Wellbeing, Science Chair of the Spirituality & Meaning Division of the International Positive Psychology Association, an invited academic with the Global Wellbeing Initiative, and a co-developer of the free online course on Nature Connectedness out of the University of Derby.



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Twitter @Passmore_HA

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