Dr Iva Paska

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A Brief Bio

Dr Iva Paska holds a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences, in the field of Sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. Her sociological interests are intimate relationships and mental health from the sociological perspective, digital sociology and sociology of artificial intelligence. Iva attended psychoanalytic courses and existential therapy courses at Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. She was drawn to existential philosophy, Bateson, systemic work and different ways of thinking about therapy and mental health and recovery approaches. She finished a “Logotherapy in Upbringing and Education”, accredited by the Croatian Agency for Upbringing and Education, a DBT Legacy course of the Behavioral Tech Institute and DBT Skills course., and is currently training in gestalt psychotherapy.

Iva has organized Existential circles that served as places for existential givens, recognising that people usually don’t have time or space to address these important concepts in everyday life – such as meaning or wider exploration of the human condition. Iva has also worked for and participated in the work of NGOs in Zagreb and Varaždin dealing with EU projects. She has created the website http://www.existentia.com.hr which offers accessible and relatable resources about existential ideas in everday experiences.



Websites & Media

Linked: linkedin.com/in/iva-paska-51689520

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