Dr Louis Hoffman

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Dr Louis Hoffman is a psychologist, poet, author, and dog lover. He spent 19-years as a full-time academic. He then left academia to pursue writing, publishing, private practice, and teaching in more innovative and flexible contexts. He is a co-founder of the International Institute for Existential-Humanistic Psychology and The University Professors Press which is an academically oriented press that focuses on publishing books relevant to humanistic, existential, and transpersonal psychology; clinical psychology, and creativity.

Louis continues to teach courses at the University of Denver, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Saybrook University, and Pacifica Graduate Institute, the Existential-Humanistic Institute, and the International Institute for Existential-Humanistic Psychology. He serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, The Humanistic Psychologist, and Janus Head, and The Humanitarian Alliance. He is a past president of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (APA Division 32) and the executive director of the Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association. He has been recognized as a fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA) and six APA Divisions for his contributions to the field of professional psychology and is the 2020/2021 recipient of the Rollo May Award from the Society for Humanistic Psychology. Louis has published extensively with over 15 books and over 100 journal articles and book chapters on various topics, including existential psychology, LGBTQ issues, multicultural issues in psychotherapy, religious and spiritual issues in psychotherapy, spiritual emergencies, and philosophical issues in psychology.




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