Mukesh Gupta

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JOIN MUKESH LIVE FOR A Q&A this Wednesday 4th of January 2023

Mukesh Gupta is kindly offering a free of charge ‘after-interview meeting with Q&A’ over Zoom on Wednesday 4th of January 2023 at:
12:00-13:15 London time
13:00-14:15 CET
17:30-18:45 IST
Subscription needed! Sign up by emailing:

A Brief Bio

Mukesh Gupta is an international speaker and a facilitator for transformational dialogues, retreats and workshops. He has been on a meditative and transformative journey for more than two decades and is deeply inspired to share this with humans around the world. His philosophies are deeply inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and other teachers/philosophers who are deeply concerned with ending psychological separation, duality, conflict and suffering within human consciousness through the direct perception of the existential reality not just from the intellect but from the heart and the whole being. During his years of experience working with students, teachers and seekers from all walks of life Mukesh has developed a unique “Meditative & Transformative Self-Inquiry” approach which is primarily based on having an insight in the living moment from the stillness and compassion of the heart and mind.


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2 thoughts on “Mukesh Gupta

  1. Wow what n incredible gift from you Natalie and Luna. Came at a much needed time for me. What a truly wise and inspiring offering Mukesh Gupta has provided to all willing to stop, open and listen. Now it is up to us to explore the stillness and spread the compassion from within. Many thanks to you both.


  2. Thanks a lot for your sharing Mukesh this deep wisdom from within. I found back to myself again in this moment and to life from there in all that happens. I lived like this in the past and healed myself from Multiple Scleroses, but I see now I should go on like this now too.
    Thanks a lot Mukesh and Natalie.


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