Vanessa Uribe

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A Brief Bio

Dr Vanessa Uribe is a practicing individual and group therapist and psychologist, trained at the University of San Buenaventura, Colubia. She did a master’s degree in Gestalt Therapy at the IHPG Institute and before moving on to specialize in existential therapy, studying at the Círculo de Estudios en Terapia Existencial in Mexico. She is a member of the Latin American Association of Existential Psychotherapy (ALPE) and a coordinator of the Antioquia and Coffee axis sub-delegation for it. Vanessa found her passion in teaching and sharing existential ideas with students. She is the co-founder of The Body that We Are, and the creator and director of the Diálogo Existencial study center, the Columbian branch in association with the Círculo de Estudios en Terapia Existencial in Mexico. Vanessa is deeply passionate about the existential perspective and its dissemination in the city of Medellín and beyond!


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