Yannick Jacob

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Yannick Jacob is an Existential Life and Leadership Coach (MA), a Positive Psychologist (MSc), a Coach Trainer & Supervisor (DIP) and a Mediator (SPCP Dispute Resolution). He’s the Program Director of the Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching (ACIC) at the School of Positive Transformation (for which he’s gathered many of the world’s most influential coaches and pioneers) and he was the Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London (2015-18). Yannick is part of the teaching faculties at The School of Life, Animas Centre for Coaching and the International Centre for Coaching Supervision. His love for coaching, positive existential philosophy and personal development is contagious and he loves to challenge people to think, learn & grow, to explore the BIG questions and to appreciate the whole spectrum of what life has to offer.

Yannick’s long-term vision is to inspire the world to embrace their human condition in all its beautiful and challenging facets and to create a more meaningful human experience. He presents at conferences internationally and his semonal book An Introduction to Existential Coaching was published by Routledge, the world’s leading academic publisher.



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